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My name is Bill Harmon and I’ve had over thirty years of enjoying the vigors of ocean spray in my face. I almost feel embarrassed realizing this experience is unknown to most. I am just a casual sailor now, having done my time of boat deliveries, international races, long passages in the Caribbean. I taught sailing for five years in a formal classroom setting as well as on the water to those who would listen. I’ve produced a few videos, now converted to DVDs – maybe you’ve seen them. Bill Harmon’s Cruising Guide to the British Virgin Islands, Bill Harmon’s Cruising Guide to St. Thomas and St. John and Weather to Go Boating, a ninety minute presentation to introduce boaters to the basics of understanding weather.


As a Flotilla Officer with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary I was in charge of public education for the USCGAUX. Flotilla 4-2. I was responsible for all safe boating classes given by our flotilla to the general public. I was the Flotilla Officer in charge of United States Coast Guard Career Candidates Program for the recruitment of high school student candidates for the United States Coast Guard Academy.


With other members of the Flotilla, I responded to scheduled and call-out search and rescue missions in Santa Monica Bay California, offshore, including the Channel Islands, as USCGAUX Search and Rescue Coxswain. I was Marine Weather Instructor for the public and members of the Auxiliary for USCGAUX Flotilla 4-2.


Twice the recipient of USCGAUX Commanders Award. (1993 & 1994), Eleventh District. The Commander’s Award is given once a year, by the Flotilla Commander, recognizing the most deserving Staff Officer.


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