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Bill Harmon’s Video Guide To U.S. Virgin Islands Of St. Thomas And St. John

st-thomasHere’s a vivid mariners guide to St. Thomas and St. John–invaluable for
bareboat chartering or cruising. Covers trip preparation, navigation charts,
choosing charters and the right boat, shopping, restaurants and all shoreside
facilities. 70 min. DVD.




Bill Harmon’s Video Guide To Cruising The British Virgin Islands

The most complete video guide for mariners available today! Includes all the
navigation information for the islands, trip planning and preparation, choosing
a boat and charter, cruising destinations plus shoreside facilities and services.
Explore the islands, including secluded harbors and beaches, the best diving
and snorkeling sites and popular moorings. 70 min. DVD.



Bill Harmon’s “Weather To Go Boating” 

WtgbThis information packed program teaches you how to read the signs of these
weather conditions in the clouds, in the sunsets, sunrises and wind directions
and much, much more. Learn how to become a better mariner by learning
observation, interpretation and understanding weather and forecasts.
93 min. DVD.