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I had the pleasure of being invited to sail aboard a schooner, The Californian, in 1954 from Long Beach to Catalina Island and back.
I experienced the power of the wind in the sails pushing the hull through the water, picking up speed as sailors maneuvered the
pitch of the sails. I could feel this energy through the wooden deck. Being an equestrian, I compared it to the feel of a powerful,
energetic horse in hand.

Fifty years later, I met Bill Harmon and read KNOT FOR SAILORS ONLY, which brought forth my sailing experience.
Though still a land lover, I enjoyed learning nautical terms, the passions of the solo sailor and viewing the exquisite
photographs of Bill Harmon’s, which, alone are a pleasure. I have quoted many of his writings that refer to every day life.
I have used “Chosen End” on Graduation Cards, “A Cycle” at my husband’s Memorial, “Tension” is used to rethink
family problems, to name just a few.
As the title tells us: KNOT FOR SAILORS ONLY

Joan Barnes
Libby Montana

Simi Valley Acorn

“Sailor recounts his adventures on the sea”